Safety and Security Glass

Safety Glass

Safety glass is a specialized glass with features that make it less breakable or less likely to pose a threat when broken. These include toughened or tempered glass, laminated glass, and wire mesh or wired glass. It is an important requirement for a safer and more secure home and office environment. Broken glass is a fatal or traumatic threat, so much so that the most suitable option is to use safety glass in order to reduce such occurrences.

Security Glass

Laminated glass is much more than a safety glass. When it shatters, it remains together. It is so strong that when the glass breaks, it produces a “spider web” crack pattern instead of breaking into sharp pieces. It is perfect for securing your homes and offices against forced entry. A tougher option is the laminated bandit resistant glass, which can hold up to twenty blows from a non-sharp instrument before breaking.

Sandblasting Booths

We also provide specialty glass and replacement where extreme high pressure in required in manufacturing and commercial environments, such as sandblasting booths. We can quote, measure, source and fit any glass for these environments

Excavators and Bulldozer Glass

A shattered or broken windscreen is not safe while your excavator, or earth moving equipment is in use. We know you need it fixed fast to reduce down time, Aussie Auto Glass replaces your damaged glass quickly – be it a windscreen, side or rear glass – onsite, and with minimal hassle to you.

We can manufacture and fit various sizes, makes, and we work fast so that your machine is up and running in no time. Depending on your requirement, you can choose between an aftermarket and original windscreen. We can re-tint your glass if it was tinted.

Tower Cranes

There is nothing more specialised that fitting front and side window panels for tower cranes – but for Aussie Auto Glass it’s our specialty.

We arrive on-site to meet your timeframes because we understand the importance of time and deadlines for multi-storey developments and the construction industry.

Aussie Auto Glass also ensures all safety standards and requirements are adhered to and diligently enforced in any given construction development site or project.